**Who am I?**

I am Eric G. Bonner. I have been using computers since the Commodore 64. I have a passion for computers that is completely unfathomable by most people. That’s why I am so good with them though. I love what I do.

I am married to my wonderful wife Samantha, and have two daughters. Alex is 7, and Zoey is 5 . . . months. ;-)

I love helping people. That is why I am in this business. I am very experienced in the small business realm, since I own my own business. I have also worked for a manufacturing company. I started out there in 2002 as a Marketing / IT Manager. I worked my way up to Vice President of IT Services / Security Manager / Project Manager and Estimator. I wore many hats there until the recession tore the company apart, and they had to close their doors in early 2010.

That’s when I decided to make a come-back. My loss is your gain, because I am back, more determined than ever to use my 8 years of experience with a larger company, to help those small to medium companies out there that are overlooked by the service and managed services industry.

**What do I do?**

Professional Computer Services, Inc, DBA PCs Inc, is a computer consulting, service, managed services, and technology company incorporated in 1996. The company was actually started in 1987. We are having our “Grand Re-Opening” in September. Keep your eyes feasted to see what goodies we have to offer. . .

Our company mission is to bring Enterprise Quality service to the SOHO, Small and Medium business.

My company specializes in three areas: Real Estate, Small Medical Offices, and Construction. I have many years of experience in those three realms, so that is my target. Since I know the businesses, I can help those people the most, and offer the best service to them. And that is my goal to offer the best service.


One thing that I noticed while working for my last company as an employee was that it is really hard to find a good quality computer service firm. I want to fill that gap with the best service I can possibly offer.


I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Windows Server 2003. I have been working with and building computer systems and servers since 1987. I bought my first computer, a Commodore 64, back in 1984. Almost every job I’ve ever had, I’ve moved up through the ranks faster than anyone ever in the history of the companies I’ve worked for. I learn quickly, and love to share my knowledge to help others get the best out of their computing experience.

In 1987, I went to DeVry for Electronics Engineering Technology. I’ve owned my own computer consulting / service business for over 20 years. I’ve been using Windows since Windows 1.0.

I started out using Novell 3.11 for the networking environments that I designed, installed, and serviced. I later switched to Windows NT Server. I installed a couple NT servers, Windows 2000 servers, and 2003 servers. I now have a Windows 2003 and a Windows 2008 server network running at home.

I use my VP level experience to offer the best service and managed services possible to small and medium sized businesses. I started consulting for the one company that I worked my way up to VP of IT Services when they had 3 computers, and worked out of the owner’s basement. I became a full time employee of that company in 2002, as they were my biggest client, and they loved my work. I have completely designed and redesigned the LAN and WAN over the years. At the peak of their business stature, they had 2 satellite offices and 4 home offices connected via VPN to our main network. They also had 3 servers, 40 computers and our network consists mostly of Ethernet cat-5e. However they did have a 2000′ and 900′ run of fiber connecting their very expansive facility. I designed the system myself, implemented the installation, and was project manager as the new facility was built from the ground up. I had to work with other teams on the project as it was a very expansive project. The total facility was approximately an $11 million 35+ acre manufacturing plant.

I finished the networking, security, phone and all data wiring ahead of schedule, and under budget.

My favorite thing to do is diagnose computer and networking problems. Especially the tricky ones that no one else can diagnose. I am a very logical person, and have never come across a problem that I could not diagnose, or find someone to help me quickly to get the problem solved. The “weirder” the problem, the tougher the challenge, the more I like it.

My areas of expertise:

   *  Windows Server Networking Technologies – Versions 2000, 2003 & 2008
   *  Windows 7, Vista, 2000, Me, 98 etc.
   *  Risk Management and Data Security
   *  Disaster Prevention and Recovery
   *  Estimating and Project Management
   *  Business Management
   *  Logic and Troubleshooting Skills
   *  Graphics and Marketing skills