PERCOM offers students a great opportunity to learn from instructors with a combined century of experience in Emergency Medicine.  Our instuctors are pioneers in distance education and have developed the course from a "street Paramedics view" in order to give the students a real world education experience.  

In addition to the online lectures and presentations, the students have the opportunity to participate in weekly "chat room" sessions.  Instructors give the students a real world scenerio and the students go through everything from scene assessment and patient assessment to patient treatment.

After the students complete the didactic training they attend an "Exit Session".  The students take a proctored written final exam and then begin their  hands on "skills" training.  On the last day of the Exit Session the students are tested on these skills with scenerio based testing.  

Upon successful completion of the Exit Session the students will begin their  clinical field internship.    Under professional supervision the students will use the skills and knowledge they have learned on real patients in the pre-hospital and hospital environments.   This experience will help prepare the student to function as an EMT when certified.  

When the student finishes their field internship the wil be eligible to sit for the National Registry Exam and become certified.

PERCOM offers Continuing Education for EMT’s and Paramedics that are already certified.  Our CE Modules are CECBEMS  approved and count towards the certificant’s online CE requirement.