Established in 1905 by corporates  as the Punjab Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber adopted its present name in 1981.

The acronym PHD stands for :  Progress, Harmony & Development

As the premier multi-state apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Northern Region with national and international linkages, continue to :
Enhance its leadership role by being    proactive and providing quality services to its constituents.

Act as a catalyst for rapid economic development and prosperity of the community in the region through promotion of trade, industry and services.

Strengthen linkages for technological advancement through effective industry - government - research partnership.

Emphasize productivity, improve work ethos and encourage business ethics.

Enhance the image of business by effectively projecting its credibility and commitment to the society at large.

PHDCCI serves ten States and one Union Territory of Northern India, namely:
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

The  Chamber is represented on over 130 Advisory fora, constituted by the Central and State Governments such as :-
Advisory Committees
Advisory Boards
The Chamber takes up the views & recommendations of the members more effectively in the respective fora.

The  Chamber  organises  regular interaction  with :
Ministers of Central and State Governments
Senior Government Officials
Foreign Ambassadors /Commercial Counsellors
Visiting Business Missions, Dignitaries,  Experts, etc.
Chief Ministers
Chief Secretaries

PHD Chamber offers a common platform for meetings of representatives of Trade, Business, & Industry with Govt Officials at Central & State levels and plays an important role in formulation of Government Policies.