Kaleris is a leading provider of transportation and asset management software for accelerated supply chain execution. Kaleris delivers leading cloud-based transportation and asset management solutions to accelerate supply chain execution for industrial and finished goods shippers and carriers to connect logistics and inventory at yards, terminals, and distribution centers and manage shipments via rail, truck, and multi-mode transportation.

Hundreds of the largest organizations in the world rely on the Kaleris suite of YMS and TMS solutions to gain real-time visibility to transportation operations, manage and maintain transportation assets, and automate and optimize inventory orchestration throughout the supply chain.

Kaleris aligns industry-leading solutions and innovation to a cloud-based supply chain execution platform focused on mission-critical workflow to control and optimize the movement of goods throughout the supply chain.  

As the all-in-one transportation, yard, and asset management experts, we are dedicated to continued investments based on our belief that every move matters for our customers. Our family of Kaleris products include PINC, ShipXpress and RailcarRx.

Our solutions include PINC, which is the #1 provider of yard management systems to the world’s leading brands.

PINC provides scalable software, hardware, and services that enable companies to move inventory throughout the supply chain faster, cost-effectively, consistently, and more efficiently.

The company’s cloud-based real-time asset tracking platform, powered by an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network that includes passive RFID, GPS, optical, cellular, and other sensors, provides actionable insights and connected expert guidance that allow companies to optimize their supply chain execution

Our customers are able to enhance service, increase collaboration, optimize inventory, accelerate velocity, improve asset utilization, and automate business processes. Additionally, our deployment model enables our customers to get up-and-running in weeks and are able to recognize ROI in months.

Today, hundreds of facilities use our solutions to gain visibility, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.