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The Management team was formed by the core strengths of economics and commodity trade, finance and accounting, and marketing and promotions, all critical elements to the road of success. We are made up of dynamic individuals that are leaders in our respective fields, and by combining our strengths, we have managed to incorporate a cotton commodity specific logistics and supply chain management.
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Creation of Trade Flow
Trade flows are impact the export and import of countries affecting the balance trade, thereby having a direct relationship to inflation (the reduction of buying power of ones countries currency which normally is caused during a trade deficit. In export surplus, the foreign exchange that flows in further strengthens the
Port Klang Logistic Terminal signs framework agreement with PT.Anugerah Glory Lestari to handle potential freight and cargo opportunities specifically relating to cotton imports into the Republic of Indonesia.
    The Intercontinental Commodity Exchange (“ICE”) launched a World Futures Contract with     the support of the cotton trade, on Nov 2nd 2015. This contract, the first of its kind,     overcame numerous challenges, and finally was able to be launched seamlessly, for the     trade to harness its unique opportunities in the cotton trade.
    Malaysia – a strategic and neutral deliverable point, with close proximity to consuming     countries, and a robust legal framework and infrastructure was an obvious choice. Both     major Ports, Port Klang, and Port Tanjung Perlepas were approved as deliverable ports with     the respective Free Zones providing support.
    Port Klang Logistic Terminal Sdn Bhd, is a cotton specific entity developed by the     Management team that has a cumulative experience in the commodity and related trade     flow of more than 50 years. These unique skills enhances connectivity of the trade, as well as     build on the existing robust capabilities of West Port, Port Klang per say. Cotton specific     products are at its final stages being ready for launching as 2016 nears, with the 1st physicals     deliverable Q1 2016.
    In anticipation of the cotton trade flows, a joint initiative with PT.Anugerah Glory Lestari, an     Indonesian logistics value chain management and freight forwarding company with more than 25     years of experience in handling land, ocean, and air cargo. Located at Surabaya, it is well     positioned to handle the inbound business that would be exported from Port Klang after delivery     at the Exchange and subsequent onward execution of sales in the consuming countries.
    The Republic of Indonesia is the world’s 5th largest importer with its 2014 calendar year textile       exports reaching 12.85billion USD and scheduled to remain around those levels for 2015.       Availability of skilled sewers, an integrated industry and preferential trade agreements have     contributed positively to the GDP of this emerging economy of the Tigers of Asia.
    In conjunction with the signing of this MoU, PKLT also engaged into definitive operating models     of extending liquidity by means of repurchase (“repo”) contracts through the executing agency of     Tujuh Keajaiban Komoditi Limited, a Hong Kong based, cotton trading and structured financing     boutique firm uniquely set up for facilitating the cotton trade.
    Mr Rizal Abdullah, Nominated Director of Tujuh Komoditi Sdn Bhd, the local Malaysian entity of     that is the official agent for Islamic Development Bank’s trade finance division – International     Islamic Trade Finance Corporation “ITFC” and Eurofin Asia (Singapore) a private equity fund     management company based out of Singapore, commented that “TKOM’s success include     facilitating the CIS, namely Uzbekistan cotton trade, by engaging into the world’s first     Uzbek Ex-Warehouse Port Klang contracts in early 2014. In line with that, we are constantly     looking forward to reviewing structured trade finance deals, both conventional and Islamic     Shariah     compliant models for both Malaysian imports and exports of the commodity sector”

    Its Executive Director, Mr. Krishnan Ramamurthi, commented “with all these exciting     developments in place, it certainly allows PKLT to secure its foothold in the export leg of the     transactions, but also look abroad at the Middle East to identify suitable logistic and     Governmental agencies that can jointly develop synergies that allow greater facilitation where     our expertise lies best – Central Asia & United Arab Emirates”.
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