Projector Lamp Services, LLC, (PLS), re-lamps and recycles spent projector lamp modules for the Audio Visual and projection display industry.  PLS utilizes extensive knowledge of DLP and LCD light sources to provide remanufacturing and recycling services to our clientele. Our re-lamping service offers customers an alternative to purchasing costly new replacement lamps- we reduce waste and reduce cost!  The process allows us to sell re-lamped projector lamps for a significant savings by replacing the bulb with a new one, and re-using the lamp housing.  

Extensive quality testing guarantees you receive a remanufactured projector lamp with performance and lifetime comparable to the original, complete with a 90-day warranty! We also have a stock of re-lamped projector lamps, should you need a projector lamp for which you are unable to send the housing. Our process also helps to extend the life of your projector by re-lamping projector lamps that have been discontinued and are no longer available.

Projector Lamps Services, LLC, also offers projector lamp recycling. Recycling projector lamps with PLS is FREE of charge and offered as a courtesy to ANYONE who would like to recycle his or her projector lamps.  These lamps contain mercury, and federal regulations state that they must be properly disposed of or recycled.  We offer documentation to all recycling program participants, upon request, that states adherence to federal and local guidelines for mercury recycling.