For the first time in U.S. history, an independent television/motion picture company has been created for the sole purpose of retraining and employing U.S. military veterans in TV/movie production.

This exciting concept fuels itself through public support.  Americans love movies, and we love the sacrifices our troops have made, especially those who have lost life or limb for the sake of our freedom.

Understanding how hard it is to give to every worthy cause (and there are so many notable causes) we’re making it easy for you.  If you’re going to go see a movie or rent a DVD, see one of ours first – please.

By seeing a movie you can help employ and train a veteran who was lost in obscurity amid myriad statistics, but now sustains his family through your generosity.

Our goal is to reach out to our U.S. veterans.  We want them to know not only do we care, but we’re willing to give back to you, in appreciation for giving so much for us.