On offer in Spain is a totally new concept in selling a property.  Until now, sellers have had no choice but to pay extortionate high street estate agent commission fees of up to 10% in many cases.  This has resulted in a stagnation of properties being sold in Spain as the upshot of these high commission charges is a resulting hike in property prices which buyers are not willing to pay.  Sellers have no choice but to price their properties much lower than they originally paid and still pay the high commission as high street estate agents are unwilling to lower their fees.  

For many high street agents, the stakes are very high and this encourages agents to be economical with the truth and creates a wide-boy image which brings about disaster!  You will find that Property Network Andalusia employees do not need to act in such a way.  In fact we carry out exactly the same process as bricks and mortar estate agents, apart from we do not carry out viewings, with the idea that sellers are the best people to carry out viewings and advise on the local area.  

For just a few hundred pounds we will take photographs, create floor plans, advise on the price and market the property on all the main property portals. With sellers now becoming more intuitive and making up their own minds about valuations based on value per square foot, we offer our own valuation based on historical data and we let the seller decide at what price to put the property on the market.  

The idea for a Spanish online estate agency was born around the time the rug was pulled out from under the feet of the UK estate agent industry.  We realised that with the digital revolution, estate agents did not have to have geographical locations.  Also buyers in the UK are not visiting estate agent offices in Spain.  With the market becoming very intelligent thanks to property portals such as Think Spain, Kyero and Rightmove, attracting millions of visitors every month, these portals have now become the shop window for potential buyers.

We have expertise in driving traffic to our site through search engine optimisation, using Google ad words and pay per click.   As a new concept in Spain, we are proving to people that we are credible, whenever we list a property, we make sure we give it the full exposure required using our state of the art technology to ensure it shouts from the rooftops!

It will come as a relief to all those looking to buy or sell their home that there is a real alternative that works.  Property Network Andalusia is a low-cost online estate agent who charge a flat fee of up to £395 as opposed to the 5% quoted by bricks and mortar estate agents.

For us at Property Network Andalusia low cost does not equate to poor quality or cheap tricks, instead it is a case of answering the phone and acting in a professional manner and not being economical with the facts or being deceptive about how many buyers are interested in a property to drive up offer prices, or over-valuing a property in order to secure a listing.  These perceived trademarks of the industry which result in over-inflated transaction fees.

As an online estate agent, we can help you sell your house in Spain faster and a much reduced cost than traditional estate agents.  For a flat fee we can help you through the entire process of sale. Let us take the photos and construct a fully measured and accurate floor plan.  We will place your property in front of millions of potential buyers, set up viewings and negotiate any offers received.  Also we can recommend fully qualified and trusted property lawyers here in Spain and help with all necessary legal paperwork.  We can make the process as quick and simple as possible so that you can concentrate on getting on with the next chapter of your life.

No commission means exactly that. Our fee starts from just €199 based on the value of your property when you place your property on the market with us and when you sell your property we charge the same as a completion fee. There are no other fees payable to us whatsoever and definitely NO Commission.

Traditional Estate Agents charge so much and this is not a reflection on the amount of time and effort involved in selling your property. Traditional Estate Agents very high commission rates are connected to their high overheads but with current technology your property can be communicated rapidly and economically to thousands of potential buyers. Our technology and marketing experience combined with low overheads means we can provide you with an authentic alternative to the traditional Estate Agent with the added benefit of saving thousands of euros.  

We pride ourselves on quality of service, for example photography is the key to getting your property noticed, and we use only the best professional photographers and advertising as widely as possible.  So if you are serious about selling your house in Spain then Property Network Andalusia is your first call.