UK based PPSS Group is entirely dedicated to protecting those who serve and care, and those that carry out high-risk jobs. Originally founded in 2006, the company changed its structure and name in 2009.

We are aiming to make a real difference to your personal safety and the safety of your employees or co-workers.

With more than 30 years of combined frontline experience in high risk security operations in some of the most hostile environments, we at PPSS Group genuinely believe in innovative protective clothing and equipment as an effective approach to reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries and even the loss of life.

Our mission is to become the World's most respected, recognized and treasured private company within our sector. This is what we are so passionate about.

We listen very carefully to our distributors, our associates and customers around the world, and we never rest. The development of Cut-Tex® PRO, our very own BS EN 388:2003 blade cut resistance level 5 fabric is once again proving our understanding of real operational risks. It is now allowing us to manufacture cut resistant clothing that takes knife and cut protection to a completely new level.

However, please be assured, while you are reading these words, we are already brain storming and sourcing new ways to make protective clothing and equipment even more user friendly.

PPSS Group genuinely care about you and the concerns or worries you have when dealing with potentially hostile members of the public. This is one reason why we have now started to develop some of the lightest and thinnest ballistic or bullet proof vests in the world. This great product will be launched in the second quarter of 2011 and we are 100% confident that we will be able compete with the very best body armour the world has seen.

In financial terms PPSS Group can confirm its significant and expected growth, and the future is looking just as bright. From the first to the second year of trading we will show at least a 170% growth, and adding ultra lightweight bullet proof vests to our product range will ensure PPSS Group's continues business development and expansion.

We believe that, with the great help of our licensed distributor, PPSS Group will soon become one of the most respected and established companies and brands within the world of personal protective equipment.

Whatever your issue, please share it with us. We might have a solution, or at least we can share with you how we would address it.