Beth Praed is a delightful writer and “So You Have a Disease” gives
encouragement, insight, inspiration, and hope. She has MS. Notice I said, she has MS. MS does not have her. There is a big difference
between having a disease and a disease having you. There is a
difference in one’s attitude and a big difference in the reaction to
the disease. Beth is not afraid to be honest. She shares her heart
with all its struggles. Too many Christian authors shy away from the
reality of their doubts about God, God’s love, God’s faithfulness,
and God’s intentions. Beth is not afraid to admit that she has
struggled with each of these issues. She is not afraid to admit that
she has often asked the question, “Why me Lord?”

I love the way Beth Praed ends her devotional with the statement:
"We are here for a reason—to learn as much as we can, to love with the whole of our being, and to serve God with every breath in our bodies." She leads the reader through a series of devotions that will inspire you to keep-on-keeping-on. Too many books on diseases from a Christian standpoint are way off base and not encouraging at all. Beth does not give the typical “Christian” platitudes. Too many books leave the suffering saint frustrated by indicating that the disease is the result of a lack of faith. “If you only had enough faith,” is a cruel statement to make to someone in their dark days of suffering. Beth does not do this. She gently encourages from her own suffering and experiences.

Read “So You Have a Disease: Devotions and Stories To Restore Hope” for an abundance of encouragement.