Panther Recycling Corporation has the newest Recycling centre in the world. With the world’s pressure on countries to become environmentally responsible, our Modular Solar Powered Plant is exactly what is required. The Modular Solar Powered Plant’s construction is cost and time efficient. Its Modular design allows for the elimination of cost overruns and delays. The construction process is only a matter of clearing the land and laying the foundation down. Now being modular, if there is a need to add a line for any reason, it is as simple as picking up the phone, setting the foundation, and the addition would be there within a 60 day time frame. Electrical costs are very high in the Caribbean and knowing that the power is an issue there is why we went with Solar Power. 600 volts at 400 amps and having a 5 day backup, we require no line power. The Plant will return its full value in 6 years, never mind the fact that it will be more stable than the power currently available on the islands.

We are currently working in the Caribbean with two Governments. Panther’s claim to fame will be the ease of build, ship, and operate. The design is the only solution to the variable conditions in many countries. With the addition of our Bio-mass to energy program, we are the right solution to the recycling.

Panther Recycling Corporation has the only Modular Solar Powered recycling centre in the world. Built in Canada, shipped worldwide and set-up in 30 days or less. We have the best system in the world.

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