The "dLNB" is a fully programmable device and incorporates a variety of features: programmable UB number, UB center frequency, UB bandwidth and self-diagnostics capability.

“We use our company's years of experience deploying SCR LNBs based on CENELEC standards EN50494 and EN50607 for the development of our new solution “dLNB” that supports 24 User Bands to minimize installation cost for satellite DTH operators” said Guil Mediouni, CEO GT-SAT.
“SES has a successful history of developing innovative LNB solutions together with its industry partners,” said Thomas Wrede, VP Reception Systems, SES. “We are excited about the launch of this new 24 user band LNB as it is a significant addition to a range of products that facilitate multi-dwelling installations for satellite DTH reception.”

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About GT-SAT SARL: GT-SAT designs consumer and OEM products for the emerging satellite TV markets and solutions for DTH operators since 2005.
GT-SAT is an expert of low noise products (LNBs) and maintains a dominant position in this market. GT-SAT is a pioneer producer of the full product line up of SCR LNBs.  
The company is privately held, based in Luxembourg and operates worldwide.