PRI Publishing, since 1992, has published numerous life-changing publications geared towards enriching lives. From infants to the elderly, its health publications (books such as Everlasting Health, The Truth About Children's Health; Everlasting Health Newsletters, 3-Pak to Instant Health) cut through the hype and misinformation from both the mainstream media and natural health fields to deliver fundamental truths about disease, how to avoid it, and how to get healthy. PRI's children's books (such as Safety First Please and it Won't Make you Sneeze, The Crystal & the Keyhole, The Golfer's Night BeFORE Christmas) are enteraining, fun, and instructional with meaningful and heart-felt messages. PRI Publishing may be contacted at proreach@aol.com. Perigree Publishing has published Lowcountry Rising (a novel) and 'Twas the Night Before Cubbies--The World Series Dream Comes True