We have been operating on the West Coast since 1989. PRco is an independent, family-run company. We are fully insured and underwritten by Sutter Insurance Company, rated "Excellent" by A. M. Best. All of our rates and forms, including the Vehicle Service Contract, are approved by the State Insurance Departments. We offer a wide range of coverage for terms ranging from three months to three years. PRco's component coverages, "Open Road" packages, provide plans to suit every need: from our Power Train Plus to the Supreme plan, with some of the broadest coverages available for used vehicles.

Additionally, we offer options to enhance the Open Road Premium coverage: Seals & Gaskets, Technology Package and Convenience Group. All this, combined with our biggest asset: confidence in our team, and you begin to understand our longevity. In today's fast-changing world, customers want solutions. PRco provides these solutions with service, dependability and comprehensive coverage, all backed by a financially stable insurer.