Palm Springs Women in Film & Television is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2001, dedicated to empowering, promoting, educating and nurturing its members, both women and men  involved in the entertainment, communication and media industries.

FILMMAKERS LAB ~ is a hands on education program that teaches members how to make a film, from start to finish. We have created three short films and a full season of PS After Dark, a talk show starring Tristan Rogers.

SCHOLARSHIPS ~ Every year PSWIFT gives scholarship money to aspiring filmmakers in the Coachella Valley.  We have partnered with The Green Room Theater to provide scholarships to students from the Ophelia Project on an annual basis, and the Denise Dubarry Hay Scholarships which has awarded scholarships to participants of the Musical Theater University.

EDUCATIONAL PANELS ~ which teaches members the ins and outs of the entertainment business by inviting some of the best filmmakers in their field.

SPEAKERS SERIES ~ features many actors, writers and other filmmakers though our live and virtual series which gives members an insight in to the entertainment world.