PULSEROLLER is a brand name for a family of intelligent motorized drives and control products. PULSEROLLER brand consists of a variety of rollers of various diameters and configurations, gear drive motors, and the most intelligent networked controller.  

Based in Erlanger Kentucky, USA, Insight Automation provides the Sales and Marketing initiatives for the PulseRoller team.  Established in 1999, Insight consists of a team of engineering and applications professionals from a variety of back-grounds in the material handling and conveyor industry.  Insight provides the technical support, training, research and development, marketing and Sales for the PULSEROLLER products for both North and South America.  

Kyowa Mfg. Ltd
Based in Kasai City, Japan, Kyowa Mfg. is the power train manufacturer of the PulseRoller family of Motor Drive Rollers, GearDrives and Nano-Rollers.  Kyowa was established in 1951 as a private enterprise, manufacturing high quality gear and drive power transmission components to a variety of industry.

Industrial Software Ltd
Based in Sofia, Bulgaria is the electronics technology manufacturer for the PulseRoller team.  Established in 1986 as an electronics and PLC manufacturer, Industrial Software provides the highest quality and most advanced controller products for Motor Drive Roller systems.  ConveyLinx and the newest family of zoned accumulation conveyor system controllers, IQZonz are the core technologies for PulseRoller Systems.

The three companies above make up the team that brings you PULSEROLLER product globally.  Globally known, PULSEROLLER products are available from a variety of resources around the world and are manufactured in Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Japan, UK, and the US while  Germany, India, Korea, South AFrica, New Zealand, and Ukraine are licensed to sell PULSEROLLER products.