Palmetto Vacation Rentals is the leader in vacation rental management in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. For years we have giving both home owners and vacationers a new level of service and commitment that is unsurpassed in Myrtle Beach. Providing high end house keeping, quality maintenance checks and bi-annual inspections Palmetto Vacation Rentals is a home owners top choice for building long term wealth in the vacation rental industry.  

Located in the heart of the Grand Strand at 1304 Professional Drive, Palmetto Vacation Rentals takes the rentals of homeowner properties seriously. From a strategic marketing campaign to great partnerships with golf and dining companies, Palmetto Vacation Rentals offers value above and beyond that of booking your property.

Vacationers get to experience a vacation rental company that cares about how their vacation progresses and delivers top quality service and support while they are on their stay. Going the extra mile is something that Palmetto Vacation Rentals does for each and every guest.

We look forward to our guest visit and maintain a healthy relationship with them through and past their stay. We help our guest make lasting memories that are sure to draw each and everyone back to our great Atlantic coast.