Practice Velocity® Urgent Care Solutions® offers a suite of online software products for urgent care centers and occupational medicine clinics.  As an application service provider (ASP), Practice Velocity offers all software services though a secure, online sign in to the Practice Velocity servers.  Urgent care centers use Practice Velocity Urgent Care Solutions to reduce under-coding, speed documentation and improve revenue cycle management.

VelociDoc® Urgent Care EMR electronic medical record is designed to rapidly document every aspect of the patient visit.  The solution is integrated with electronic prescribing, discharge instructions and computerized radiology.  Providers may, also, select the PiVoT system for rapid documentation on paper templates that are scanned into the system for automated coding and electronic storage.

PiVoT™ Urgent Care Templates: For urgent care centers that are not quite ready for a full EMR, Practice Velocity offers the Practice Velocity Template (PiVoT™) system.  Physicians examine the patient, document on the PiVoT, and scan the PiVoT into a computer and across the Internet. The online Practice Velocity coding software reads SOAP-note template documentation, analyzes the coding algorithms, and gives you the best evaluation and management (E/M) code, ICD-9 codes and other codes for each patient visit.  This helps ensure your documentation supports your coding. Most urgent care centers realize significant revenue increases after implementing PiVoT coding.

In urgent care centers, efficient patient flow is a critical aspect in ensuring reasonable wait times for patients.  With either VelociDoc or PiVoT, urgent care physicians usually can complete visit documentation in less than two minutes.

Urgent care centers can try the PiVoT with a THIRTY-DAY TRIAL PERIOD!  PiVoT have repeatedly stood this real life test. Simply put--you will find that PiVoT more than pays for itself or you pay nothing. As one urgent care owner said, "That's a no-brainer."

Practice Velocity Management (PVM™) is made specifically for complete revenue cycle management of walk-in, urgent care patient visits.  Automated protocols allow receptionists to register patients automatically for private visits, workers compensation, and employer-paid services.  The system includes electronic billing, electronic remittance, and collections. Urgent care visits are separated in the reception queue by private, workers compensation, or employer-paid services. Customizable corporate protocols allow for automation of billing of workers compensation visits and employer-paid services to appropriate payors. Both VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR and PiVoT templates are fully integrated with Practice Velocity Management, the only practice management and billing system, specifically designed for use in urgent care centers and occupational medicine clinics.  Practice Velocity Management is, also, completely web-based, so you only need an online PC, and you are set to use the most advanced and efficient practice management system for your urgent care center.

Additional features of the urgent care systems include:
•     ZipPass™ allows patients to make online same-day appointments at client urgent care centers via a hyperlink on the website of the urgent care center.
•     Occupational Medicine Protocols allow urgent care centers to customize the services to the client company's needs
•     E-Prescribing
•     Faxing of medical record to primary care physician or corporate representative for workers compensation cases
•     Integrated ExitCare® discharge instructions
•     Electronic billing (EDI)
•     Electronic remittance (ERA)
•     Systematic collection processes