Riopel has been manufacturing mailboxes and postal specialties for over 50 years. Since its inception, Riopel has built an enviable reputation for quality mail boxes and functional products, adapting continuously to meet the changing requirements of internal document distribution systems for apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, hospitals and institutions.

As a result of the economic importance and cost of mail distribution, mail boxes and equipment design changes have been initiated by the postal authority and others. Because of its long standing relationship with the postal authorities and their customers, Riopel has successfully and quickly adapted its mailboxes and postal specialties to satisfy these changing needs and circumstances.

Technical Assistance
Our professional and qualified staff are always available to assist you in solving your particular mail equipment problem, ensuring that the installation of your mailboxes will satisfy the requirements of the postal authorities. We also provide professional quality CAD drawings with all of our quotations and for other enquiries and requests.

Customized Products & Solutions
In addition to the standard products and mail boxes included in the website, our skilled and experienced staff can also help you either modify an existing product or design an entirely new one. We are well equipped to work with you and/or your customers to satisfy a special product or design.

Most of our products and mailboxes are stock items and can be shipped the same day or the next day. Other items which must be assembled on demand will require two to three weeks. However, we always strive to satisfy special delivery requests from our customers.

Riopel manufacturers mail boxes and related products of the highest quality and provide a one year warranty from the date of shipment, covering defects in material and workmanship. This warranty guarantees factory repair or replacement of the defective product. This warranty does not cover improper installation, misuse or field repairs by the customer and/or user.