Company History

All systems installed by Pacific Sun come with a 10 year warranty on the installation, a 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the solar modules and 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the inverter.  Upon completion of the installation we provide the owner with a system Handbook containing system component data sheets, warranties, copies of permits with final inspection sign-offs, the interconnection authorization letter, information on claiming tax credits and our customer referral program.

All installations are followed up with a six month on-site inspection and performance review to make certain the system is performing as designed.

Pacific Sun maintains an in-house quality control program to ensure that your system is designed and installed to meet the highest standards for quality, performance and reliability.  In 2008 Pacific Sun conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey and received an outstanding mail in response rate.  Of all the responses received a full 98% rated Pacific Sun with respect to product knowledge, customer service and value received as “Excellent” to “Very Good”.

Enabling our nation’s shift away from reliance on pollution generating fossil fuels and into clean renewable resources is the mission of Pacific Sun Technologies, Inc. “PST”.  The people behind PST have made a commitment to dedicate 100% of their time, talent and experience to bringing PST’s mission to fulfillment wile giving homeowners and businesses the opportunity to participate and profit from investing in Renewable Energy.


PST is qualified and licensed by the California Contractors License Board as a C-10 electrical contractor.  PST carries full commercial general liability and auto coverage insurance through the Hartford Insurance Company and maintains full Worker’s Compensation coverage.  We are qualified and insured to handle any type of Renewable Energy project from a 2kW residential system to commercial installations.

PST maintains direct relations with best-in-class manufacturers of major system components such as Sharp Electronics Corporation (solar modules) and PV Powered, Inc. (inverters).  PST also maintains relationships with industry leading engineers, finance companies and consultants to bring a full basket of resources to address any level of complexity on any project.


PST has over 300 system installations in Southern California residential and commercial

PST commits to a project and sees it through from start-to-finish.  We handle all paperwork, municipality and home-owner-association contacts, commissioning of system.  We tell you what is going to happen at every step.

Solar electric systems have been used by the space program since 1954, and the technology itself (the photoelectric effect) was discovered in the 1800’s – consider that:

Solar electric systems contain no moving parts – the entire system is solid state electronics in action

Solar electric systems need very little maintenance – keep the modules free from dirt by letting the rain (or a hose) keep them clean, and that’s about it

Solar electric modules (the panels that sit exposed to the elements) come with 25 year warranties.

Solar electricity is used:
In outer space to power satellites
In the Arctic to power expeditions
On snowy and windy mountain tops to power telecommunications equipment
Along roadsides to power emergency phones
In jungles and deserts to power water pumps and refrigeration units
By power companies themselves to produce electric power that you are using to read this with your computer