Let's face it, publicising a business of any size can be a daunting – and painfully expensive – task. PR firms promise the earth but seldom produce the results to make the outlay worthwhile. They boast about having thousands of ‘contacts' and make bold claims about generating media coverage and column inches.

But the reality is different. The vast majority of these firms employ ‘specialists' who have never, and probably will never, work in real journalism. The truth is that most are media ‘luvvies' with little, if any, experience of the industry.

But Palamedes PR really is different. Our editorial stable comprises award-winning news, feature and travel journalists, and copywriters with experience at some of London's largest firms. Others have worked for Lonely Planet, the Guardian, Sunday Times, People, Telegraph, Mail, Mirror, the Mail on Sunday, and a string of magazines.

We don't have tens of thousands of ‘contacts' – we have friends and colleagues in the media industry who we have worked alongside day after day for more than a decade.

So if its exposure and publicity you're after in national or regional newspapers, consumer or trade magazines, or on radio, TV and the internet, we can almost certainly help.

We don't do ‘blue sky thinking', provide ‘solutions' or rely on other meaningless buzz words. And we don't talk bullsh*t - and refuse to employ those who speak it. There are no hollow promises either. If we don't think your idea will make the grade, we'll say so and work with you to find another, more newsworthy angle.

Put simply, we know what to do and we know how to do it well. This is about a transparent and value-for-money service offering quality ideas, quality writing, and quality coverage.