palmetto medical alert is a local personal emergency response device company, we pride ourselves in serving our great state of south carolina. we do service the entire country. palmetto medical alert offers in home monitoring, as well as gps monitoring. we are located in Greenville, South Carolina which is located in upstate South Carolina. palmetto offers the latest in emergency response services. we don't try to take all your money, like some medical alert companies. we keep our prices low to look out for those on a fixed income. our home monitoring can cover a you or a loved one up to 600 square feet inside or outside of their home. palmetto gps enabled system can cover you  no matter where you might be in the united states of america. we offer check in services where we will set up a call schedule for you or a loved one. the calls consist of us doing welfare checks, medication reminders, or just to say hello how are you feeling today. Palmetto also offers the Palmetto Medical ID program. This program consist of you or your loved one being provided with a bracelet or medallion to wear, and if you are unable to speak for any reason the responders can call our 1-877-309-0075 number to get all your vital info and we will even make calls to love ones that you have provided to us as well. Palmetto Medical Alert is here to serve our community and our country to the best of our abilities. there are no contracts to be signed or cancellation penalties.