Palms for Life Fund is a US-based charity committed to ending poverty worldwide. The Executive Director and founder, Hannah Laufer-Rottman, has worked for 30 years with the United Nations World Food Programme helping feed and educate millions of poor people and provide them with new livelihood opportunities. Having lived in many developing countries, Hannah is an unconditional supporter of human rights and tolerance.

Our Focus:

Palms for Life Fund focuses on education and food for schoolchildren, healthcare for mothers and children, food production in small communities and adult literacy in countries such as Angola, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, India, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Pakistan and Thailand. Because this form of assistance addresses the root causes of poverty, poor people can actually improve their life.

By focusing especially on women’s and girls’ education, Palms for Life guarantees even more impact through its projects, because an educated young woman will more likely have less children, have healthier children and send them to school.

Faces of Hunger in America – because hunger is everyone’s business:

To address the issue of hunger among Americans, Palms for Life Fund has launched a national film contest in which filmmakers 25 years of age or under are being called upon to document hunger and its devastating effects in their communities. The project aims at increasing awareness about domestic hunger affecting more than 36 million Americans. Palms for Life supports the idea that food needs to be treated as an inalienable basic human right – beyond charity – and hunger needs to be tackled in its root causes.

"For Life" Projects:

Palms for Life Fund creates many co-branding and cause-related marketing opportunities that help raise awareness and funds for its international projects.

➢     Art for Life: whereby international artists are promoted and their work is sold to support educational projects;
➢     Bananas for Life - Beyond Fair Trade: whereby partnerships with banana importers raise funds that support education of children in the banana plantations;
➢     Cooking for Life: whereby chefs donate a dish in support of school feeding, thereby retaining kids in school and improving their performance;
➢     Tees for Life: whereby artists design t-shirts with impacting messages about poverty and the proceeds of sales support literacy and girls’ education.