Custom Sports Cards Celebrates First Decade of Success
Quality products and unparalleled customer service catapult tiny home-based start up into a leadership role in fast growing industry of customized photo products.

LIVERMORE, CA (September 25, 2008) – Pam Baker remembers hand drying cards with a hair dryer as they came off her home ink jet printer back in 1998. “I obviously couldn’t afford great equipment back then,” Pam recalls. “But I made sure I over-delivered on every job. I treated everyone like my best customer no matter who they were or how big the job was, and even hand-wrote personal thank you notes to every customer. I think that’s been one of our biggest strengths, focusing on the customer.” Along with her friend and now business partner, Dave Farpelha, Pam has turned what could have been a sad tale of business treachery and deceit into a case study for the American dream.
After year working for companies like Apple Computer and Flextronics, in 1997, Pam attended a home business show and the entrepreneur within was awakened. She invested some of her savings in a personalized trading cards company that unfortunately turned out to be a scam. Undaunted and convinced of the viability of the business, she invested more of her hard earned money into the business and developed that is now a highly successful endeavor.
Since its inception, Custom Sports Cards has been an innovator in the marketplace of “trading style” cards. The easy customization of these cards to meet consumer’s individual styles allows for nearly limitless use. Some of the most popular themes for these customized cards are family occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding and “Rookie Card” birth announcements, as well as business cards and little league cards.
Since 2001, CSC has been the official commemorative card of the fantasy camps of several MLB teams including the Dodgers, Reds, Yankees, Cubs, Pirates and White Sox. In 2007 and 2008 Custom Sports Cards provided limited edition sets of cards for both the New York Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame and the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.

About Custom Sports Cards
Custom Sports Cards, a division of Goldie and Company, LLC, was established in 1997 in Northern California. We pride ourselves on offering the finest quality customized trading cards available. Since August 2006, our customized offerings have included canvas renderings, posters, mugs, mouse pads and various other products imprinted in the design of your trading card; these products truly raise the bar in the personalized photo products industry.


Pam Baker


Dave Farpelha

Custom Sports Cards