Pamir Law Group is an international-style law and business consulting firm based in Asia with offices in Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing. We provide strategic insights and implement practical legal and business solutions in Greater China with an international standard of work and the benefits of local business experience and presence.

Our Team

The firm is composed of experienced China, Taiwan, UK, Chile and U.S. transactional legal and consulting professionals who have been partners, members and associates of leading global international law and accountancy firms. This mix of multilingual professionals allows us to support clients in multiple languages. Our team works smoothly with culturally diverse situations and helps "bridge" across all linguistic, cultural and legal boundaries.

Our Clients

Our clients are Fortune 100 multi-national companies, international private equity and venture capital funds as well as Asia-based listed companies, privately-held conglomerates and high net worth family groups. We represent leading international law firms from Asia, North America, Latin America and Europe with their client matters in Greater China. We also represent leading PRC groups in their activities overseas.  

Our Networks

In addition to being the sole Taiwan member for TerraLex, we are a member of "Renaissance", a national network of talented and internationally capable and independent PRC counsel with whom we have worked for many years on commercial matters as well as enforcement and litigation issues. We have also developed Consiglieri, a support network for general counsel/in-house counsel and their Teams in Greater China.