Ours is a business built upon immutable principles of trust, integrity, hard work and reward as a fruit of that labor. The seed principle is evident in all of nature. Study a tomato seed all you will, and you will never understand how the dna code within tells the seed to germinate, sprout, grow and increase. But plant that seed and it will produce a bountiful harvest, multiplying and duplicating itself with exact replicas of the original. The same is true of an individual. Each one of us has a code within us that seeks expression, that wants to grow, to increase and prosper to the full extent of our ability. The carpenter wants to increase in skill to build the finest product he can. The artist aspires to create his own Mona Lisa. The musician longs to produce his Magnum Opus. You, dear reader, have within you the seeds of greatness. You were created to succeed. Our hope is to help lead you to that greatness. Plant your seed - step out in faith - there is harvest to reap for those that will believe!