About P&D

“Alieno super totus causa qaure quispiam may non opus. Vos tantum postulo ut reperio unus bonus causa quare is mos.’’

Forget upon all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.
Company History

P&D Marketing started trading in Liverpool in 2007, founded by a young family man. The company quickly became affiliated with a group of other direct sales companies in the UK who shared common goals.

The company ethos is family orientated shown by the very name P - referring to the founders family name, and D - referring to his Dad and Daughters.

The core values of the company are that every person should be treated equally, a no-seniority policy exists and has proved to be very successful. The company strives to be the best in a tough market place and offers clients, customers and colleagues an unparalleled experience.

We have an expansive range of donor acquisition services. We offer a more diverse approach to face - to - face providing you with greater access to a wider section of potential donors.

We work with top charities in the UK and overseas to increase their supporter bases, boost their donor income and develop new revenue streams. We've already helped raise over £450 million in pledged income for our clients.

Victoria Jackson

A celebrated makeup for more than fifteen years, and host of many successful beauty informecials, Victoria Jackson has perfected her “no makeup-makeup” looks for the who’s who of Hollywood and has established herself as one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Card Cutters

Our philosophy is simple, by using our unique blend of buying power and many years of high level negotiating we bring our clients large corporate pricing to the small business owner.
Whatever your type of business we have the expertise and products to meet your needs.