We are a diverse team of leaders who want to rethink civilization in explicitly ecological terms, and we’re creating a platform for people who care about big ideas and the Earth. See PandoPopulus.com for more information.

For our inaugural event, we are helping host a global conference for the planet: Nearly 1,000 presenters from 30 countries and more than 80 areas of specialty are mounting the largest transdisciplinary conference ever held on behalf of the planet in Claremont, CA, June 4-7, 2015.

Speakers include 350.org’s Bill McKibben, the Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva, China’s leading activist Sheri Liao, The Land Institute’s Wes Jackson, the father of ecological economics Herman Daly, the pioneering philosophical theologian John B. Cobb, Jr., and other scientists, theologians, intellectuals, activists, designers, and specialists of all kinds.