Pangea-Collection.com features handcrafted, fair trade and artisan jewelry from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Pangea Collection was launched by Patricia Pinkney as a way to share her passion to discover the most beautiful places, cultures and jewelry in the world.

Pangea is the name given to the super continent believed to have existed 250 million years ago before the continents were separated by the process of plate tectonics. Pangea-Collection.com brings the world together again so you can enjoy the most beautiful artisan and fair trade jewelry art it has to offer even when you can’t travel there yourself.

The exquisite jewelry in the collection reflects the deep cultural traditions of their artisans. Purchasing their handicrafts helps to preserve traditional artisan jewelry techniques and enables the artisans to achieve the art of self reliance.

Discover the beauty of their handicrafts and stories at http://www.Pangea-Collection.com.