Since 1986, Pangolin has amassed over 15,000 clients in 63 countries firmly positioning themselves as the world leader; providing software and hardware solutions to the laser display, text message, and entertainment industries. Their products allow users to create award winning laser light shows, and run text message marketing campaigns, and text to screen events. The company; with offices in the US, China, and Slovenia has received more than 20 awards for technical achievement. Pangolin features a broad client base, with products being used in conjunction with Super Bowl XLIV, Carnival cruise lines, the US Navy, Maroon 5, Metallica, and 20th Century Fox just to name a few.

William R. Benner Jr. is Pangolin’s President and CTO. He is an internationally recognized software and hardware developer from the US. He has represented the United States in the International Skill Olympics and currently holds several patents in the field of laser technology and electronics.