Paos Revolution was founded in response to the turn daytime television has taken in recent years. Whether as someone working behind the camera, a performer, or a fan, daytime has changed and its final destination is still unclear.  Our motto is “Flip the script.” Rather than be at the mercy of the negative aspect of the ever changing TV landscape, the founders of Paos Revolution decided to take a positive step in forming a production company that would create high quality film, television and web content as well as interaction with daytime’s loyal fan base. The company name “Paos Revolution” reflects the ability to take that negative situation and turn it into a positive one as the word Paos is “SOAP” flipped backwards. This word, Paos, next to Revolution, describes how we plan to use the rich history of daytime television and its stars to provide content the loyal daytime audience can enjoy while using new forms of media. It is our belief that Paos Revolution will indeed revolutionize the soap genre and this new website will provide a new home for its professionals and fans.