Over recent years, many training providers have had to make a choice between paper training evaluation forms or online survey tools. Paperdata is a robust online service that allows trainers to continue using paper forms, but to digitise the content without manual data entry.

There are two key arguments in favour of paper forms.

Crucially, the feedback rate is much greater than for online survey software because, typically, the former are filled-out in-situ whilst online surveys are often sent to delegates as email links after the training event (leading to low participation). Even when online surveys are done in-situ, the trainer usually has no way of knowing how accurately each person has completed the form.

The second reason why paper-based training evaluation is still widespread is when internet access is impractical. There are lots of examples - from manual handling training in warehouses and executive-level negotiation workshops to training in older hotels and many overseas locations.
Paperdata is able to combine the benefits of paper forms with the ease and analytical power of electronic data at low cost.

How does this work for a training evaluation form?

An administrator simply sets up lists of their courses, training locations and trainers within Paperdata.
The trainer then logs in, prints off the number of forms required (which are individually coded by number and QR code).
After the training, they just scan them on any internet-connected scanner (multi-function printer or PC-connected).
The Paperdata system picks these up, error-checks them, codifies them and gives the administrator access to all the data and comprehensive analysis.
Best of all, Paperdata isn't limited to paper. If a trainer forgets the forms, web-based data entry is still available.

If you provide training and still use, or would prefer to use, paper evaluation forms, you probably need Paperdata. It will save you time and money.

Paperdata is a development from Active Documents Ltd, one of the UK's leading Xerox document management partners, so they know a thing or two about combining paper and electronic business processes with enterprise-level robustness.