Retail Healthcare  

Over 400 healthcare systems have completed a Retail Healthcare Business plan that has identified over $1B in highly profitable new revenues. More importantly, these new revenues and strategies are essential to the profitability and success of these healthcare systems in the future.

Retail healthcare is a critically important business strategy for healthcare systems.  The new healthcare model emerging from constantly changing legislation, clearly indicates that it won’t be business as usual for healthcare systems in 2012 and beyond.  Coupled with an enormous consumer movement in healthcare, hospitals are rapidly deploying a retail healthcare business model that identifies and engages their consumers while generating profitable new revenues.  Retail – consumer direct – healthcare will most likely be essential to a healthcare system’s profitability in the new economy.  Paquin Healthcare provides the widest platform of proven retail healthcare products, services, and strategies to healthcare systems to expedite their deployment of a comprehensive retail strategy.

Paquin Healthcare’s retail solutions to healthcare systems include enhanced retail stores, improved retail pharmacies, ecommerce and Internet strategies, and a series of web-based consumer engagement programs.  Paquin Healthcare has worked with hundreds of hospitals across the country formulating an overall retail healthcare plan that is unique to each organization.  Many hospitals currently have a blend of retail on their campuses including gift shops, specialty stores, wellness programs, pharmacies, fitness centers, retail medicine, Internet traffic, education programs, and other unique consumer programs.  In most all cases, these programs are not integrated, meaning these ‘silos of retail’ miss delivering the most important value to the hospital – dedicated consumer engagement.

Paquin Healthcare works with healthcare systems to develop a proprietary mix of retail programs that are customized to their campus, market, patient, and consumer base.  These retail systems are a blend of current retail activities, potential new stores, services, ecommerce, and Internet strategies.

In addition to the need for more consumer friendly retail within a hospital, retail healthcare also accommodates the transition from traditional patient to long term customer.  For most hospitals, when a patient is discharged from the hospital they are left to fend for themselves  in choosing the right health products to promote a rapid recovery.  Products are frequently suggested during the visit or treatment regimen, but it is frequently up to the patient to try and track down these recommended products.  In order to advance the patient care continuum as well as expand revenue streams, today’s progressive hospitals are playing a far more active role within this process.

Paquin Healthcare Company Services

Retail Store Analysis and Development

•     Business plans for optimal retail healthcare strategies
•     Analysis of current retail programs
•     Create integrated consumer engagement strategy for hospital
•     Specialized retail offerings (i.e. lactation, cancer recovery)
•     Marketplace/gift shops
•     Convenience food bistros

Implementing Retail Programs for Healthcare

•     Implementation services to build and deploy retail stores
•     Potential retail partnerships with companies moving on to hospital campuses
Online Solutions

•     Customer loyalty programs
•     Ecommerce customized to the healthcare system
•     Ecommerce by service lines with clinic order entry systems
•     Event management to build, schedule, and enroll customers in educational programs

Delivering Retail Products to Healthcare

•     Direct supplier of products to hospital based gift shops
•     Supplier of ecommerce products to patients and healthcare systems

Paquin Healthcare has extensive experience in analyzing hospital and healthcare system environments and providing successful implementations for all aspects of retail.  Best practices are followed to generate a customized business plan that addresses a hospital’s specific market and business model.