As a non profit, Council of Arts,Science and Culture is able to provide funds to community groups via its own fundraising efforts. Our reach is into the Arts, Sciences for youth primarily, and our cultural reach is notably in the Parker Oktoberfest and Rocky Mountain Mardi Gras.

Parker Oktoberfest is the premier Colorado Oktoberfest event, celebrating cultural awareness, family entertainment and community enjoyment.  It was launched ten years ago and continues to be organized by the Colorado Council of Arts, Science & Culture (“CASC”), formerly the Parker Arts Council.  Parker Oktoberfest relies on the generous support of its sponsors, vendors, volunteers and community resources.  With authentic elements and attractions for youth and adults of all generations, Parker Oktoberfest is the absolute no-miss family-friendly festival event for Oktoberfest in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain Mardi Gras is in its third year and recently moved to a permanent downtown location in Parker CO. We anchor the event with a sidewalk everyone participates parade with crazy noise making gadgets. The evening party is punctuated by Black Eyed Bingo. A new twist on Bingo! As a fundraiser, this event is growing in popularity.