Parker worldwide ltd was established to service an indentified gap in the market for quality face to face customer acquisition teams in the UK and Europe. With network offices in every major city across the UK and Ireland, the national coverage we provide our clients with; both niche and mass market penetration puts us in a powerful position in the marketplace.

Based in Southampton Parker Worldwide works with international companies in industries ranging from, construction, cosmetics, digital TV, telecom, financial services, power and even charities. Demand for our experience and the results we produce have soared as our reputation and client base spreads in the UK and rest of Europe.

Our systems and processes are unique, effective and simple, the best kind we believe. From our method of creating brand awareness and gaining new customers to our internal  progression structure, simplicity and transparency are the common themes of  Parker Worldwide.

As the dominant market leader in outsourced direct sales and marketing, our capabilities and approach to doing business are truly unique. Our top-tier clients represent some of the world’s most recognized brands, covering many different industries, including: construction, cosmetics, digital TV, telecom, financial services, power and even charities.

We achieve success in meeting our clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive, nurturing environment - making Parker Worldwide a win-win situation for both our team and clients.

With a professional Parker Worldwide sales force on a client’s side, an aggressive, widespread sales campaign can take effect almost immediately. Speed to market of this velocity maximizes both short- and long-term results.


Outsourcing to Parker Worldwide is the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach new customers. And how we go about dramatically extending a clients’ sales reach is equally as important too. We acquire high value, high retention customers quickly and efficiently using a direct sales model that is dedicated to our clients’ bottom line.


We are paid based on the successful results we produce. Only a company with confidence that they can get the job done could offer a performance-based guarantee like this.


In a matter of weeks, Parker Worldwide’s professional sales force can institute an immediate, widespread and aggressive sales campaign - all without a client needing to invest in the recruitment, benefit packages, training or management of an in-house team.


A Parker Worldwide sales presentation is face-to-face, allowing us to personally demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ products and services. This in turn, has a domino effect: Sparking new sales. Generating reorders. Leading to long-term client retention. Providing measurable results.


Imagine having somebody dedicated to your needs - and only your needs. It’s essentially what each and every one of our clients can expect as our sales people are dedicated to one campaign at a time.


As the industry leader, we know how to execute a campaign - getting it right the first time. To ensure this, personal sales support management teams act as a liaison between our clients and our sales force - together implementing training procedures that will acquire customers for our clients, for life.