While many consumers desire online shopping options, creating an online store isn't always simple for a busy business. Parodin puts eCommerce options within reach for companies who wants to go online but don’t have the time or know-how to create their own online stores. Parodin offers front-to-back eCommerce experiences designed to give businesses all the tools, resources, and support needed to build a store's online presence. Parodin manages all aspects of an online store, handling everything from web development to product photo shoots.

"If you are a business or startup, and you haven't had the chance to take your piece of the online market, Parodin can help," said Carl Brue, founder of Parodin. "Parodin will revolutionize the eCommerce experience for businesses and consumers by providing a simpler solution all around. Tap into a much bigger market by taking your store online with Parodin."

Carl Brue founded Parodin after leaving his job to focus full-time on creating a way for local, regional, and national businesses to build online stores quickly, expanding their markets and allowing their businesses to flourish.

Parodin’s user-friendly e-commerce service is available at a competitive market price. Learn more about Parodin service and subscribe at www.parodin.com.