We've got high standards- for quality bud from start to finish.  Look out for our real. craft. flower. in Alberta. Partake Cannabis is committed to real. craft. flower. We adhere to the standards of professional craft cannabis with the care of homestyle growing.

Our genetics are sourced with an emphasis on potency & unique terpene profiles then pheno-hunted to reveal the best traits of that cultivar. Each plant is cared for by hand, including hand watering, to ensure individual attention for optimal flower growth.  

Harvested at their peak, plants are hang-dried without heat to preserve delicate trichomes responsible for cannabinoids & terpenes- fundamental to great cannabis. After being cured to maximize taste & remove harshness, each cola is given a ‘manicured’ trim by hand for bud that looks as good as it burns. This also ensures stems & leaves are removed properly for a smooth experience.

After passing testing, each product is hand processed & hand packaged in re-usable glass containers designed to preserve freshness. All batches are traceable to their applicable COA.