Parvalux is one of Europe’s largest specialist designer-manufacturers of fractional horsepower (sub 1kW) AC/DC products for industrial and commercial application. Based in Bournemouth UK, the company manufactures over 5000 standard products and bespoke solutions for OEM customers. A privately run business, Parvalux has offices in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Johannesburg.

Company Background:

Founded as a rewinds business in 1947, Parvalux first began designing motor-gearbox units in 1957, manufacturing the beginnings of an unrivalled range of reliable fractional horsepower AC/DC products, for industrial and commercial application, that would shape the company’s future. In 2008 the company acquired OEM solutions specialist EMD Drive Systems.


Product Modification | Any standard product may be specified to fit the desired application. Customers are invited to choose from a range of standard options or specify their own alterations.

New Product Design | OEM customers can realise their preferred solution with a bespoke product that meets the precise mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements of the application. For over sixty years Parvalux have been a systems partner in the development of thousands of new products and applications, often providing their services at no extra charge.