Our future depends on our ability to protect the lives of each of us. KELONY® First Risk-Rating Agency is a Deep-Tech what has created a totally disruptive Protocol, VeVa™, to enforce protection from Risk.

KELONY® rates Risk, neutralises it and deeply enforces protection culture. Decision-making process needs intelligence, in which knowledge about Risk is the top priority because Risk is the common denominator of all Futures.

“When waging war, you rely on strategic commanders to survive, not on blacksmiths, even though they are vital for forging weapons. Same thing about Risk: if you ask for Risk in any single specialized field, you’ll maybe get many weapons, but no one to transform them in a winning strategy”

KELONY® is your winning strategy to foresee Risk and to transform it in advantages. To master Risk, KELONY® succeeded in creating the first All-Risk and Non-Probabilistic instruments:

   The KELONY® Risk-Rating, a universal measurement scale for all types of Risk, which rates companies, processes or situational contexts.
   Risk-Neutralization™, a new discipline based on Cindynics, the Science of Risk.
   3. AlgoSev™, an artificial engine with post-stochastic logic programmed in Hyperfarsight™ algorithmic, that enables the validation of the best defense strategies to neutralise Risk.

These tools merge in VeVa™, a unique and convergent systemic Protocol. Through intercorrelated Risk and Apex Risk identification, VeVa™ empowers the level of protection in accordance with the Values actively supported by KELONY®: “Life First!”, Life above all whatever it takes.