Pashmac farsi for fairy floss..i.e. Cotton Candy. Makeup for the girl who loves to stand out (or who just wants to look like a unicorn). Pashmac is unconventional. It defies traditional makeup brands in many ways – it’s loud, colorful, indulgent and completely impractical – but works in a magical way. Our makeup collection is Fueled by cotton candy, whimsical rainbows and good vibes. At Pashmac we create makeup for the wildest party or every day wear – Who wouldn’t wear a mermaid highlighter to get a green juice!?

For the disco movers, groovers, the babes next door, and the unicorn-esque tastemakers. The quintessential Pashmac babe would be the lovechild of a Unicorn and a Mermaid ….glam, strong, carefree, with an ‘idgf’ attitude.