Passage Asia provides total facilitation of medical, healthcare and hospitality needs for international patients. We are a purely service-oriented facilitator linking international patients to doctors, specialists and private medical centres. We are currently focused on working with highly respectable partners in Malaysia with plans to expand our services in other countries in the near future.

Passage Asia institutionalizes the work and vision of our medical tourism advisor and mentor, Sister Kay McNaught. As Malaysia’s leading medical tourism expert, she has more than 12 years’ experience in managing the medical journey of international patients. Her experience as a cardiothoracic nurse in one of UK’s best hospitals put her in enviable position of offering a combination of medical background and excellence in care.

Highly respected and admired for her personal brand of patient care and warm personality, Sister Kay brings to Passage Asia her valuable insights and professionalism to the team. She is widely regarded as a key player in establishing Malaysia as one of the top medical tourism destinations.

Passage Asia Asia’s mission is to make ease the medical journey for those seeking healthcare, cure and recovery, and wellbeing. Our goal is to ensure easy access to healthcare and medical services for everyone with the ultimate objective of making them affordable through the utilization of the latest technologies, breakthroughs and innovation.