Passiton.in - India's first free item sharing website that seeks to give a new lease of  life to used items and channel it to needy individuals or organisations. That's right an OLX for free items.  Started 2 months ago. Every year tonnes of "still useable" items are just thrown into garbage without second thought and it is disastrous to our environment a better approach is to freecycle the item, We all have so many things in our households that we don't have any use for some of us make time to give it away and some make excuses  to solve this issue a bangalore based 23 year old entrepreneur Ramakrishna Iyengar has  launched a website that makes it easy for people to donate their items to the needy, One just needs to take a picture of their item and upload it on the site and anyone who could benefit from their item will get in touch with them and collect it from their doorstep. The website also has verified tie ups with multiple legitimate NGO's, NPO's, Orphanages, old age homes PAN India who check on the site regularly for items to be taken.  From books, clothes to high value items like phones , TV sets etc generous people  have been putting up items for donation on a daily basis. So many people want to donate things instead of throwing it away but it's hard to find suitable recipients for items but not anymore with this website people can choose their recipient for their items. It's a great way of decluttering one's house.
Link to the website : www.passiton.in
Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/PassitonIndia