PatCom Medical’s vision is to improve human well-being by making established medical procedures more comfortable for patients and healthcare professionals. Medicine in our age and time has come incredibly far. Surgeries, procedures, interventions and diagnostic tests that we are able to perform today are testaments to the progress that healthcare management continuously undergoes. Not known to everyone, there is a large number of medical procedures that require a higher amount of patient compliance in order to be successful. Unfortunately, a lot of those procedures are uncomfortable at best and painful or dangerous in the worst case. Understanding that only those procedures that can be finished are actually helpful to the patients, PatCom will be identifying areas where current interventions and procedures cause too much discomfort. Through innovative ideas around established procedures PatCom will make those more comfortable for the patient and the healthcare professional. This will lead to a decreased number of failed procedure attempts, to better patient care and more positive results both subjectively and objectively. PatCom's focus starts with swallowing diagnostics and reflux related illnesses that are common in today's societies.