Patient Conversation Media, Inc. (PCMi), an eHealth media corporation, creates solutions designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness through the range of communications between patients and health care providers, with a goal of reducing health care delivery costs by 5%.

Patient Conversation’s 'digital front-door' solutions leverage innovative technologies to enable health providers to prescribe  actionable health information to patients when and where it is most impactful. PCMi’s patient appointment management solutions streamline the process of connecting a new patients with a relevant health provider.

Innovative technologies are impacting the health care industry more than ever before. As health care IT integrates with digital publishing and mobile platforms, traditional websites are being replaced with dynamic information and communication systems.

Patient Conversation’s national network of physicians, pharmacists, and behavioral health professionals use their real-world experiences to translate health research into easy-to-understand ‘prescribable content’ empowering patients to actively participate in managing their health.

PCMi's network of web sites and voice portals now reaches over 10 million patients each month.