Patient Power® is a service of Patient Power, LLC, based in Seattle with team members around the world. Patient Power was founded by two health communications pioneers, Andrew and Esther Schorr. They previously founded HealthTalk.com, a leader in support for people with chronic illnesses and cancer. Patient Power® is devoted to helping you, the cancer patient or survivor and your family through knowledge, to get the best medicine and return to or maintain good health.

Andrew lived that. In 1996 through a routine blood test he was diagnosed with leukemia (CLL). By reaching out to other patients and connecting with doctors who specialize in his illness, he participated in a clinical trial, received "tomorrow's medicine today" and now, 17 years after diagnosis, remains in deep remission and takes no medicines.

Like all too many cancer patients, Andrew developed a second cancer, in 2011, myelofibrosis. But, again, by connecting with the most modern medicine he continues to live a full life. While Andrew's success won't be everyone's story, he and our entire team, are committed to helping each person we touch approach their illness in a way that gives them the best chance of good health: getting smart about their diagnosis, seeking out the best healthcare providers, getting second and even third opinions on what approach to take – including, if appropriate, participating in a clinical trial, and drawing on others for support.

Patient Power® is built on a library of programs, organized into health centers, which continues to grow as we attend medical conferences and produce new interviews throughout the year. These programs feature top medical experts from some of the world’s leading medical institutions, dedicated advocates and inspiring, knowledgeable patients. We invite you to watch and learn from these programs let us know what you think, either by taking a short survey after the program or contacting us directly.

Financial support for our efforts comes from Andrew and Esther's own funds, key medical centers, and industry sponsors who have no editorial control. Patient Power® is not selling anything and has no agenda other than to help you live well.

The opinions expressed on this site are Andrew's, our other contributors and guests, and from visitors like you. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our sponsors or any outside organization.

Please consult your own doctor for medical advice that is most appropriate for you.

For more on Andrew’s story and his commentary on current cancer issues, please visit his blog and check out his book, The Web-Savvy Patient: An Insider’s Guide to Navigating the Internet When Facing Medical Crisis.