Patricia Lucia is a teacher author, public speaker and entrepreneur. Wildflowers and Present Tenses is her debut anthology, published in November 2020 and has received wide acclaim as an LGBTQ positive and honest expiration into body image, sexuality, trauma and relationships.
Lucia breaks the memoir mold by creating an imagined crone narrator - her future self - who reads each story to fidgety fairies by a fire.
Surprises include a chance encounter with Betty Hill, the first documented alien abductee in the United States (Torches) and an unusual friendship with the woman commonly known as Miss Cleo (Coffee with Cleo and Company). Lucia recounts her experience as a teacher in New York City on the morning of 9/11 (Standing Memory).
The second book in the Wildflowers series (due November 2021), Wildflowers and Wooden Spoons is a cookbook with recipes and stories from Lucia's ten years of owning and operating  a popular scratch kitchen cafe in South Florida. This Amazing body, a book which chronicles Lucia's journey to optimal health and wellness in post menopausal years is due for release in October of 2021.