I'm Independent Acrylic & MIxed Media Artist.

I have been painting art all my life in oils, watercolors, and pastels. I experimented for the first time with Acrylics last year and I instantly fell in love with the medium. My main subject is nature, focused on earthy objects like leaves, rock textures, and high contrast backgrounds. My Latin-American roots drive me to use vibrant colors and jewels tones in my subjects. I really enjoy orchestrating other materials with Acrylic paint to create detailed nature close-ups to abstract works emulating nature’s different surfaces. I live in Snoqualmie, Washington since 2003 with my husband and two daughters.

Artist Statement

Painting is my holistic place where I can convey my inner self and express how I see life, colors, and the different sides of nature.
Growing up I discovered my love to create art with drawing and oils but, as an adult, I experimented with Acrylics and I felt in love with the medium. Acrylic let me achieve and emulate nature’s textures in its fullest. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to integrate vibrant colors with interesting backgrounds.

I really enjoy orchestrating other materials and object with Acrylics. This allows my work to portrait dimension in a particular way without compromising the harmony between color and subject. My artistic side is free when I incorporate all these different elements in my finished art.

I’m draw to a subject by its challenges and by the possibilities to play with depth and light. This is shown by the diversity of my work that goes from nature close ups to complete abstract interpretation of earthy objects. Often time, my Latin roots drive me to use bright colors or jewels tones with high contrast in a pleasant way.

I love to see people’s first reaction when they see my art; especially from my daughters.

Patricia Tamburini