Patriot International is the number one provider of special piping equipment and training for the oil, gas and energy sector.

We strive to raise the standards against which others will be judged. We build upon a team of people that have attitude, determination and who will not be afraid to attempt the difficult and in doing so, will become capable of achieving the impossible.

What we do
Patriot International was established in 2002 to meet the demand for specialized piping equipment for piping in the oil, gas and energy sectors.

Since then, we have been constantly expanding our product and service offer to become one of the largest companies in Europe. Our goal is and remains to provide innovative solutions, and always find the right tools that are available at a certain time to meet different tasks.

In addition to supplying specialized piping equipment, Patriot International also supplies manpower specialized in working with specialist equipment on on- and offshore plants. You can read more here about how we can help you with this.

Patriot International offers you a complete management system for the integrity of bolt connections for a petrochemical plant, refinery, offshore platform or power plant that saves time, money and materials during a shutdown. This increases efficiency and coordination throughout the process.

We see the need in training manpower in the industry. We have set up The Academy within Patriot International. Via The Academy we offer specialized training to help further technical development. With a team of 'Supervisors' we learn to familiarize trainees with the tools and how they can use the tools safely and efficiently, increasing their value within their work teams. In addition, we offer a reputed and recognized Controlled Bolt Confirmation Course in accordance with ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board).

Patriot is also registered with FPAL (First Point Assessment Ltd) and is ISO9001: 2008 certified.

Over the years we have invested on a large scale in the purchase of specialized tools. Our biggest investment, however, concerns our people, by selection, training, and the development of a positive but realistic attitude. We are proud of our willingness to do just a little bit more for our customers. As a result, our reputation was established as a supplier of

"Integrated Solutions to Piping Problems".
6 reasons to choose Patriot International

Patriot International has the ability to offer credible solutions. Through years of experience and a good understanding of the sector, we are able to achieve the intended results.

We are able to fully support you. For your project we can provide you with specialized piping equipment and manpower that have been trained to work with in order to achieve the intended results.

We have 3 offices in Europe, at strategic locations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom.

Patriot International offers specialized training through the Academy to technicians of both our customers and self-employed.

We are a recognized ECITB Training Center, ISO certified and registered with FPAL.

We have a "Attempt the difficult" attitude and are therefore not afraid to try the hard part and find positive solutions to the problems of our customers.