Conveniently located in El Dorado County, the Law Office of Paul R. Kraft continues to serve clients facing probate and estate planning issues. For the past ten years, sole practitioner Paul Kraft has been helping individuals with a variety of legal situations. He is experienced in several areas of law, including probate, real estate and adoption law. While he works hard to serve his clients, he also aims to give back to the surrounding community by teaching students law at Folsom Lake College. Through this experience, he continues to gain further understanding of the laws he works within to better serve his clients. His goal is to help clients stay informed on their cases, seeking to educate them on their personal rights in a variety of cases. Through personal and individualized legal counsel, Paul is able to offer help for each client’s unique needs. If you are looking for a committed and knowledgeable lawyer to assist you with your legal concerns, visit his website today at www.kraftlawoffice.com.