Members of pavementcouncil.org are manufacturers of pavement sealants and their suppliers. Also known as the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC), a not-for-profit trade association engaged in research, education, training and communications to improve understanding of the business of pavement coatings.

Most of the companies involved in the pavement coatings industry are small and medium size businesses – just the sort of businesses that are disadvantaged by the rush to regulation that seems to be in fashion with governments at all levels.  Pavementcouncil.org members are good corporate citizens, with well paid, often unionized work forces.  Recently, pavementcouncil.org held a webinar for sealcoating contractors.  Of the 265 industry participants who registered for the webinar, 47% were from companies with 10 or fewer employees.  Another 32% were from companies with 11 to 35 employees.  This reflects the industry, dominated by small to very small local businesses.